If There Is a Face I Cannot Forget in My Life, It Is This!

This touched me…

He didn’t utter a single word…neither did he try to follow me.

He just looked straight into my eyes…locked his hands around the chair…hesitated a bit…gently opened his palms and stood there still with a dead expression!

He seemed hungry, not poor!

On treks I usually don’t carry eatables. So couldn’t give him anything, instead, he give me a priceless frame!

Like Photo Stories, here’s more for you…


Recently I did a Solo Trip to Kerala and it was an experience of a lifetime.

Of all the amazing experiences I have had there, I decided to pen down a select special experiences.

Have a look at the below blog posts:

Solo Trip Day 1:

Here’s How the Solo Trip Bug Bit Me!


Solo Trip Day 2:

If Kerala is God’s Own Country, then Munnar is Probably His Secret Hideout:


Solo Trip Day 3:

The Only Reason I Keep Coming Back to Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary-Kerala

The Only Reason I Keep Coming Back to Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary-Kerala-Featured-Image

Solo Trip Day 4:

The Greatest Ever ‘Upma Story’ of My Life



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